It has been a while since I wrote a new post on this site, due to a number of reasons.

Firstly, I started a new job in May. Any new role takes time to get up to speed, this one no different. I am finding my feet there now, freeing up more mental capacity to look at new technologies and interests.

Secondly, I have struggled somewhat with ideas for new posts. Part of this is that I am getting more into writing Go, and even learning some C (mainly for working with eBPF). As I’m still very much in the learning phase with these, I don’t feel like I have much to say on either topic yet. Everything I’m doing has many posts and resources on the wider internet already . I will probably put something together soon on all of this, but I still don’t feel comfortable just yet.

In terms of more infrastructure-related technologies, I haven’t really found anything new and interesting since discovering Pulumi. My experience is much greater on infrastructure-style projects and technologies, and where I feel most comfortable writing posts about. I just need something to come along and wow me again!

In the meantime, I am delving into other hobbies like gaming (specifically Mass Effect Legendary Edition) and building keyboards: -

As far as this site goes, I’ve made a couple of minor changes.

The first is that I’ve removed comments. I have rarely found the need to read and write comments on other people’s blogs and sites, at which point I found the idea of having them myself made little sense. Other contact methods are available to reach me, so if you want to discuss something on here, get in touch with me directly!

Secondly, I have removed Google Analytics. Initially when I started this site I wanted to see the interaction and growth on my posts. However as time has passed, I have realised this isn’t a useful metric. The posts that have received the most visits are those which are either those which are too far removed from my current interests/work or for technologies I haven’t used in a couple of years (and therefore cannot provide any follow up on).

There were times that I tried to cater my posts to what I thought would give higher interaction (although I was often wrong!). I didn’t enjoy writing these posts anywhere near as much as something I just felt genuinely excited about (e.g. Pulumi, Prometheus).

Also I have, and have had for a long time, massive privacy concerns with Google and analytics in general. I already felt conflicted in using analytics when I first started this site, and over time I have grown increasingly uncomfortable with having them.

So from now on, there are no comments, no analytics, just the site and nothing else.

I will return soon with some new posts, hopefully a lot sooner than it has been between this post and the last one!