The man behind the hair

I’m a thirty-something dad and husband, who currently works as a DevOps Engineer in the UK.

Previous to my current job, I worked for a number of years as either Network Engineer or Network Architect at a number of enterprises and service providers across the UK.

The hair?

Yes, I am hairy. I have been into the heavier end of music since my mid-teens, and have been playing guitar for nearly two decades too.

I have been in bands that have supported the likes of Skeletonwitch, Hecate Enthroned, Oceansize, and many other wonderful bands, playing up and down the UK.

The guitars?

Too many of them. They all do different things, honest…

The computers?

I have a strong preference for Linux and Open Source. I have a fondness for MacOS too, but this is waning as time goes on.