Welcome to YetiOps

This is the first post, at which point I should probably give a bit of an introduction to who I am, what I do, what I have done before, and why I am blogging at all.

Who am I?

I am a very hairy human who lives in the East Midlands area of the UK. I work as a DevOps Engineer for a firm specialising in VoIP integration into CRM systems, and I love my job.

I am also a father to two wonderful children, and husband to a wonderful wife. I also play guitar, listen to a dizzying amount of obnoxiously over the top music, and have an obsession with motorsport.

What do I do?

The company I work for encourage new technology, staying up to date with interesting technology, and have a very fun environment to work in.

I touch everything from Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Packer, Salt, Ansible, Golang, Python, and a number of other technologies.

What have I done before?

Previous to my current role, I have spent over a decade in the networking industry, in service providers and enterprise. I still hold the Cisco CCNA and CCNP, and have previously held Juniper certifications, Brocade certifications, and made an attempt at the Cisco CCIE written exam twice (failed both times unfortunately, mostly due to a lack of time and preparation).

During this time, I also worked with a lot of Linux and Virtualization (for monitoring systems, TACACS, configuration management etc).

Networking to DevOps?

How did I change from being primarily a Network guy to DevOps? This is something I’m going to cover in a future post. The summary is a seed was planted in one of my previous roles, and my interest grew increasingly towards automation and development, and less towards the fairly stoic networking industry.

Why am I blogging?

A number of years ago, I ran a networking site called “Working From My Shed”, which covered a number of networking-related topics, including certification, vendor interoperability and just general findings in the industry. I enjoyed it, but my priorities changed over the years, firstly towards spending more time with music, and then later on to my family.

I missed blogging, and have now decided it is time to give it a go again.

What will the blog be about?

I have a couple of posts I am going to do that are more towards my career path, and dealing with the dreaded imposter syndrome, but I will also be blogging on technology that I deal with day to day, as well as a lot that I am discovering.

Thank you

I promise the future content will be a lot more interesting, but for now, here I am!